Time to say Goodbye.

The www. sub-domain has had a long standing place on the internet, but it hasn't actually been required since the 90s. Now it's just a remnant that wastes time and affects the User Experience.



Did You Know?

Almost 70 years worth of time a DAY is wasted typing WWW.

"But it only takes half a second to type." you say?

If all internet users typed these 4 characters just ONCE per day, you can see below the time wasted. And you know that most people don't type it just once in a day. The actual time wasted per day is probably much higher (ESPECIALY on mobile).

By the Numbers

  • 4+ billion internet users*

  • .5 seconds to type WWW.

  • 68.2+ years wasted each day

*Current number of internet users per InternetLiveStats.com

Why does it matter?

If people see it while on your site, see it on your business cards, or ads, then they think it's required. In the majority of cases, it is not (if everything is setup correctly). Don't let providers give you excuses like "Some browsers hide it, or you don't NEED to type it. Force them into the future today!

Get On Board

What Can I Do?

First. If any of your websites use WWW, switch to using your root domain only (see Show Me How below). This helps people rewire their brains, if they see it disappear all the time, they will realize they don't need it and subconsciously stop. While some browsers may hide it, that doesn't mean you shouldn't get rid of it yourself. It's the little things that matter.

Second. Stop using WWW on ALL of your marketing materials, your business cards and stop saying it. Pretend like it never existed at all.

Illustration of a woman sitting at a computer pointing to the screen. WWW with a red circle and line through it sits overtop of the text.

Choose an option

If you administer your own server, or use a hosting company like HostGator that provides a cPanel for you to access, select the first option. If you use a SaaS (Software as a Service) like Wix, Shopify, SquareSpace, Weebly, etc. then choose the second option.